Saturday, October 25, 2008

El Misterio de mi Pintura

The Mystery of my Painting

What is mystery? In simpler terms, it is a secrecy, an unknown...

One time, I've tried to make a masterpiece... I'm very enthusiastic to make a painting. I put my art materials in my study table, my water color and a recycled cardboard.

I started to hold my brush, touched it in color brown in which it will draw the bark of a tree. Actually I do not use pencil, just water color instead without any knowledge how to paint. :)

My first piece is a tree beside a rice field, which pictures a simple and peaceful place in our province in which I live. The picture here, is my second painting, entitled "Alone". Actually this one is my most-loved painting of mine. I was surprised when I finished this painting, I can't imagine that I did it!

Until now, the meaning of this painting is a MYSTERY, even for me. What is known is only my faith. And for what is unknown is what other things pushed my hand to made it... of what I think at that time and what I feel, which form the image of my piece.


Cecile said...

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Cecile said...

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