Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Behind the Black


Color Meaning Black Roses

New Beginnings, Rebirth

Sometimes the darkest red roses are called 'black roses' and while they do symbolize the death of an idea or say farewell they can send a positive message of rebirth and new beginnings.

One of my favorite color is black, and I found black roses to be unique and undefined in its true meaning. As black roses may look negative because of its color, the symbolism of its color is true.

As for every goodbye, and lost of something... there is regaining and moving on. For flowers are blossom of hope and beauty, their colors functions as their other power.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008



You Are Green Lights

Your holidays are a time of rest and solace.

You take time to reflect on the year that's passed.

You also enjoy connecting with friends and family you've lost touch with.

The holidays are your opportunity to remember what's important in your life.

I love what it says about me. Gotcha! It made me amazed. It is true that I often reflects about everything in my life. Try this for yourself... indeed, fabulous!


This is Scootie! My scooter.

As my father had his motorcycle, I on the other side had my scooter. Before it was in color red, but it was repainted in dark blue, and for me it looked nicer!

I value this scooter of mine, although in our town, new model motorcycle, shinier and in posh, I will never let my scooter be exchanged.

This is my "service" vehicle when I'm going to our shop in the market everyday. I'm in duty of taking over assistance and handing some works in our computer shop, and working is attached with learning indeed.

Our New Motorcycle


How glad we are... when our father bought a new motorcycle. Actually it was in an installment payment, but affordable!

This motorcycle will be our "service vehicle". As my father said, it will be used to bring us our respective schools. My youngest sister in her elementary school, my sister who is the third among us, currently in high school... and last but not the least, I and the second among us, in the jeep terminal... it is because our school in college was indeed far from our hometown and we need to ride a jeepney to go there.

Every day, this motorcycle work to serve us. My father also use this as his "service vehicle" to go to our shop in the market. It was an "internet cafe".

Before our motorcycle go on with it duty, it was finely cleaned by my father to make it look shinier and always "new" to everyone's eyes. Indeed, it was in a great care of my father and us too.


I love arranging and cleaning our "home" everytime I have the opportunity. .. (: Yesterday, I beautify our home, especially the living room, also because Christmas is near, and visitors will be coming to us.

Indeed, I appreciated its result. My being tired was blown away when I see how great was having a clean and beautiful home. This is only a "simple" achievement, yet a great fact of contentment in life and appreciation of a simple life.

Laundry at Weekend!

Ready, get set, go!

It's a weekend laundry marathon!

Why it's marathon? It is because our laundry had stocked. We didn't be able to have our laundry earlier because we're busy, so it took some days before we do it, as a lump sum work! Its tiring but we enjoyed working together.

At the picture, is my sisters. At the left is my sibling younger than me, she was the second among us. At the right is my youngest sister. The're enjoy working together isn't it? Wondering where am I there? I'm the photographer at that time! :)

My Treasure

I love music!

This instrument was one of my dreams before. And it was before Christmas of 2007 that my uncle bought me this musical keyboard. That moment, my happiness was immeasurable. Now, I sometimes play my favorite songs in it. It is because, I often had busy schedule and it is because I prioritize my study at a great extent... :) During my free times, I let myself play my keyboard, relax and calm. I found peace everytime my hand plays my music. This is one my treasure, not physically a gold or a gem, but inside is a very precious dream.

Friday, December 5, 2008

A Weak Warrior


Once I dreamt to be warrior. An ambitious and unrealistic dream of a fellow... Since when I was a child until now, I love anime and fantasy warriors. I love watching them in movies, looking them in posters and others. A strong woman warrior who is fighting for right and restoring a stolen peace. A graceful warrior, an ordinary person who at a time of need transforming in an immortal.

What a fantasy! A usual story of an anime series, comic or movie. But this dream was still in my lists. It never vanish. Even its possibility of bein' real is not absolute, in my imagination it is "always" possible.

I know, one time in my life, before everything will end... I, yes I am... I will be a warrior. A warrior for my family... a warrior for my countrymen... a warrior for the poor... a warrior of love and equality. I do not dreamt of a hero, I just dreamt of a fighter... not knowm by many, but known by few. I may not be wearing a metallic costume with coat or sword... and my only weapon is my faith and principle.

I do not want to be politician to fight and promise to people anything... I just planned that when I have my opportunity and power, I will help Philippines, my country. For behind the image of this country seen by negotiators and businesspeople... a world of unequality is unseen.

For now, I am weak. I do not have enough strength and armor to sustain the need of my fight. I easily lose. But, time once said to me that, "I will have my powers and resources, if my fight begin."

Man does not Live by Bread Alone


What is it that makes a person live? Is it simply food, the physical nutrition and the digestion process?

Man does not live by bread alone but on every word that comes from the mouth of the Lord. Meaning, physical nourishment is not sufficient for a healthy life, men also have spiritual needs.

If our body and soul are complements, therefore we must feed both for us to live and function. Our body may function in a healthy condition as we feed it by the foods we eat, but how about our soul? And what is that food for our soul? It is the “word of God”, interpreted in the creations, scriptures and teachings of the church.

These spiritual things became our spiritual needs, because abiding in God’s love lead us to live peacefully, happily and everlastingly, teach us what we must learn in this so-called life and give us strength and courage to do our duties as humans on how to improve our living… and this is the purpose of God’s words. As our life is a gift from God, and what we do with that life is our gift to God.

Love is Blind


Why does there is a expression “love is blind”? Isn’t it that it is one of the most common and also the most popular expression of love? One time, I’m always thinking about the situation of lovers ignoring certain negative characteristics of one another, which is the most common illustration of how love becomes blind.

I tried to apply it in my own life, not be being in love with a special man but more specifically to my family. I love my family so much that I cannot see such things that we lack in other families. I love them for what hey are most especially in they own way of how family is being defined. It is the matter of loving them not by seeing but by feeling

There’s no need to prove if love is really blind. Why? Beside that science has proven it, it is simply because it will not be known and accepted by most people if it is not happening and if it is not proven. Therefore, love is blind because it happens.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Seeing is Believing


Do you believe everything that you see? Does what you see is enough for you to believe?

“We believe whatever we want to believe” as Demosthenes said. Thus seeing is believing if it is a man’s choice that he will not believe unless he will see it. Another is that, it can be appropriate if seeing is the last option remaining for you to believe what’s in a doubt.

It is in a case to case basis that we affirm or we deny it. Why does we believe that there’s wind? Why does we believe in God even these two cannot be seen. It is because there is the so-called faith in us.

If “seeing is believing”, it doesn’t mean a command or a law that all things must follow. Yes, we may believe whatever we see; it may be enough but may also be not enough. Thus seeing is believing indeed, but seeing is not “always” believing because it depends.

Our eyes given the capacity to see pictures, happenings and details help us gain evidences not for “what” we must believe, but the things is “which” we must believe. Our eyes are only one of the agents of our mind through believing. We must bear in mind that the eyes cannot perceive everything we must believe.