Friday, December 5, 2008

Love is Blind

Why does there is a expression “love is blind”? Isn’t it that it is one of the most common and also the most popular expression of love? One time, I’m always thinking about the situation of lovers ignoring certain negative characteristics of one another, which is the most common illustration of how love becomes blind.

I tried to apply it in my own life, not be being in love with a special man but more specifically to my family. I love my family so much that I cannot see such things that we lack in other families. I love them for what hey are most especially in they own way of how family is being defined. It is the matter of loving them not by seeing but by feeling

There’s no need to prove if love is really blind. Why? Beside that science has proven it, it is simply because it will not be known and accepted by most people if it is not happening and if it is not proven. Therefore, love is blind because it happens.


Cecile said...

way to go, Karla ;-08 more posts and you are ready to go PPP :-)