Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Our New Motorcycle


How glad we are... when our father bought a new motorcycle. Actually it was in an installment payment, but affordable!

This motorcycle will be our "service vehicle". As my father said, it will be used to bring us our respective schools. My youngest sister in her elementary school, my sister who is the third among us, currently in high school... and last but not the least, I and the second among us, in the jeep terminal... it is because our school in college was indeed far from our hometown and we need to ride a jeepney to go there.

Every day, this motorcycle work to serve us. My father also use this as his "service vehicle" to go to our shop in the market. It was an "internet cafe".

Before our motorcycle go on with it duty, it was finely cleaned by my father to make it look shinier and always "new" to everyone's eyes. Indeed, it was in a great care of my father and us too.