Thursday, December 4, 2008

Seeing is Believing

Do you believe everything that you see? Does what you see is enough for you to believe?

“We believe whatever we want to believe” as Demosthenes said. Thus seeing is believing if it is a man’s choice that he will not believe unless he will see it. Another is that, it can be appropriate if seeing is the last option remaining for you to believe what’s in a doubt.

It is in a case to case basis that we affirm or we deny it. Why does we believe that there’s wind? Why does we believe in God even these two cannot be seen. It is because there is the so-called faith in us.

If “seeing is believing”, it doesn’t mean a command or a law that all things must follow. Yes, we may believe whatever we see; it may be enough but may also be not enough. Thus seeing is believing indeed, but seeing is not “always” believing because it depends.

Our eyes given the capacity to see pictures, happenings and details help us gain evidences not for “what” we must believe, but the things is “which” we must believe. Our eyes are only one of the agents of our mind through believing. We must bear in mind that the eyes cannot perceive everything we must believe.