Friday, December 5, 2008

A Weak Warrior

Once I dreamt to be warrior. An ambitious and unrealistic dream of a fellow... Since when I was a child until now, I love anime and fantasy warriors. I love watching them in movies, looking them in posters and others. A strong woman warrior who is fighting for right and restoring a stolen peace. A graceful warrior, an ordinary person who at a time of need transforming in an immortal.

What a fantasy! A usual story of an anime series, comic or movie. But this dream was still in my lists. It never vanish. Even its possibility of bein' real is not absolute, in my imagination it is "always" possible.

I know, one time in my life, before everything will end... I, yes I am... I will be a warrior. A warrior for my family... a warrior for my countrymen... a warrior for the poor... a warrior of love and equality. I do not dreamt of a hero, I just dreamt of a fighter... not knowm by many, but known by few. I may not be wearing a metallic costume with coat or sword... and my only weapon is my faith and principle.

I do not want to be politician to fight and promise to people anything... I just planned that when I have my opportunity and power, I will help Philippines, my country. For behind the image of this country seen by negotiators and businesspeople... a world of unequality is unseen.

For now, I am weak. I do not have enough strength and armor to sustain the need of my fight. I easily lose. But, time once said to me that, "I will have my powers and resources, if my fight begin."