Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Do you believe in Angels?

Everyday "I see" angels. I encounter them, and I know they are angels...because I believe they exists.

Today, as I went to the terminal to go to school, on my way, I see an angel, a very beautiful baby in disguise. The baby looked at me, so very innocent and suddenly a different feeling burst on me. I feel so light, worry-free and lucky at that moment. And that for me, is an "angel" that designated to meet and greet me "for this day".The angel or cherub is a heavenly being, and they are superior to humans. They are said to be the one who serves as an attendant and messenger of God, or a guardian for someone on Earth.

The study of angels is called Angelology. In 1978, over half the people in the U.S. who were asked, said they believed in angels. Angels are drawn on greeting cards, painted on ceilings and mentioned in one of every top ten songs. Angelfood cake, the California Angels baseball team, and the city of Los Angeles (Spanish for “city of angels” ) all show our fondness for and fascination with angels. Whether you are an “angelologist” or not, you'll want to know all about angels.

Unnoticeable maybe you also encounter angels everyday... not winged, not with halos, not bright or glowing, but yet unusual and mysterious, they just come to you, when you least expect them!


kleo said...

i believe in angels and most of the time, angels come to you in a form of other person, good post :-)