Friday, January 23, 2009


It's twelve o'clock in the midnight,
Seems that everything feels not right.
I reach for something to catch some light,
Then my nothing but empty room turns bright.

I saw myself starring at the ceiling,
There's nothing but just old white plain thing.
"Just like myself", as I thought,
"Just idle spaces between these walls."

I can't explain why tears kept flowing,
I saw myself find it hard to stop sobbing.
I'm longing and waiting for the dawn to come,
So I can wipe these tears away somehow.

As I see the sun starting to unblind,
I stood up from my bed and forged a smile.
Another day of false happiness I brought to life,
Another sword of loneliness stabbed in my heart.

By: Diana Rose Tolentino

This poem was given to me by my lovable friend. It pictures the real sadness of a heart which is in her. From the poem one will figure the feeling of the author as she writes it so heartfelt.


Cecile said...

Karla, what happend to your widgets?
bakit nawala na sila?

Cecile said...

ok, hayaan mo at aayusin ko mamaya, matutulog na ako, 2:13 na ng madaling araw dito eh :-), puyat na naman hehehe