Friday, March 13, 2009

Add Fragrance to Your Life

I like colognes and perfumes because it adds up beauty and excitement to your personality. Nature is the primary producer of natural and fascinating fragrances, and these scents bring the spirit of nature’s marvels. In relation to this, I like the smell of nature… more specifically, the fruits. So that, colognes and perfumes that I choose had fruity smell, but note, it is picky to teens like me, to choose gentle or light scents of these fruits when it comes to perfumes or colognes, meaning not that gave strong scent. For me, I also like refreshing scents, like those colognes or perfumes that when you smell it, it helps you feel fresh and cool. The selection of these fragrances must fit your personality and also thinking the people who may smell you. So enjoy adding Scent to your personality.