Thursday, April 30, 2009

Don't Judge the Drink by its Container!

Which is more important to you, a drink's taste or its container? Believe it or not, there are people who judge a drink by its container. Drinking coffee from a flimsy styropor cup, for instance, is a no-no for people who like hard, sturdy cups.

Researchers Ardnna Krishna (University of Michigan) and Maureen Morrin (Rutgers University) found out that people may be classified into strong autoletics and low autoletics, depending on their sensitivity to touching things. Strong autoletics like to touch things a lot before they buy them; low autoletics have much less interest in touching objects.

Participants in their sturdy were blindfolded and given sturdy and flimsy cups to handle. Suprisingly, the strong autoletics did not really let the type of cup influence their taste evaluations. Rather, the low autoletics were the ones who gave low taste evaluations for the beverage in the flimsy cups. The low autoletics were also the ones who were willing to pay more for the beverage in a firmer container, even without seeing or touching the container beforehand.