Friday, April 24, 2009

Learn to Study the Bible

Learning through Bible is powerful and fulfilling, so that studying Bible is a very good habit. Studying Bible is being made easy to people by resources or materials provided for us, such as this book entitled Learn to Study the Bible (40 Bible Study Methods) by Andy Deane, which contain the step-by-step methods to help us discover, apply and enjoy God’s words. As I’ve read the sample chapter of the book, I initially figured how clear the author enumerate and explain each steps to let readers easily adopt it, and I found it great. One of the steps I really agreed was this; “carry your favorite verse with you”. Why? It is because, “that” verse can be our life’s guide in our everyday interactions. Having a favorite verse also, will show that you hold a key or something precious within this blessed earth we lived in. Life is full of questions, and answers are provided but people must have courage to seek for it – for the Bible is where the answer hides.