Friday, May 8, 2009

Advantages of Laptops

The number one reason why people buy laptops is because they can take it anywhere. If you constantly have to go on trips, a laptop will be very useful. Your own laptop will have all your e-mail, software’s, presentations, sales material etc. You can store all of this and much more information that you constantly need, on your laptop without any problems.

Laptops are compact. The single laptop contains, your monitor, CPU, speakers, keyboard, mouse and everything else a normal computer contains. If you do not have place at home or have little space on your office desk. If your situation is such that you do not have space to accommodate another computer, then it would be good to go in for laptop.

In India, once in a while the electricity still does fail. A laptop is kind of a desktop computer and a in-built UPS. It can be charged with battery and it will stay on so long as the battery has charge. So, if you act wisely, and keep your laptop charged, you will never have the problem on not being able to work on your laptop because the lights have gone.

Firstly, laptops are cool! But that not a good enough reason. A laptop also gives credibility. If you go for a presentation with your laptop, then that gives a good impression to the other party. So, if you are trying to convince people that you are a big player and it is worth dealing with you, presentations given on laptops might help you a little.

The invention of laptop is very useful, and I found it true. It washed the disadvantages of personal computers in many ways, and I know you too proved this right!