Friday, July 3, 2009

I love blogging!

The clear view of what is interesting in life, is what I always think of...

To reason that if I know "this", I must share it!

This is the statement behind my blog you visit it you will read in my heading this sayings of mine... "this blog has its aim of sharing insights, inspirations, knowledge, and facts which pictures life and things behind the world of today. From one's senses, one can learn, and what you learn is absolutely a gain. And that by simply knowing the basics and the simplest, one can BLOG! B-e L-earned, and O-riginate your G-ains!"

I may be a deep person... serious... and always in focus of things I have to be focusing. But what's in the other of me, is my love for knowing essential things I did not already know... a natural characteristic of humans, we seek knowledge.

Why I love blogging? Because it makes me feel happy when I share interesting things to other people... more than to those who I already knew, but on the internet which link more people. I begun when I realize the practicality of blogging, the use of blogging, the benefits of it and its goodness on my part as it serves my outlet to express what I want.

Currently, I am planning to make my other blog sites. In which I will express my nationalism for my country... the other one is about my personal experiences.

Summing up... why I love blogging, is because it is where I found my "interest".


Rej said...

same here. :)