Saturday, July 25, 2009

Review on Visual Design Characteristics and Usability

Visual design is indeed an important factor on web design. It adds beauty and appreciation to a web site as it enhance its visual appearance. The aesthetic or being artistic of a web design is only one of those characteristics that a web site must possess. On the other hand, usability will greatly adds value to a web site.

The article mentioned Jakob Nielsen, a usability guru that have traditionally expounded that web sites should be usable, not pretty. I agree. I understand his point that it is on the “usability” criteria as seen in his view. Usability factor make a site functional, yes, and it is the “usability” of a site that makes it essential and worthy. For what is a site if it is not useful? But, accordingly, what is a site if it is dull? Unexciting or dead? While, usability is important, the visual design makes the site a “mark”. And this mark will help a site memorable and establish a focal point for where it will be known.

For best results, as the phrase entails… all the essential characteristics that a web site must posses, must be present. Therefore, balance of “form and function” is important. The site must establish and maintain usability in many aspects, and at the same time, the site must also have a good visual design.


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