Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Competing for Growth

Competition is central in every business. It is indeed essential for the overall growth of a business enterprise. It is inevitable. Competitors have different strategies to get into the flow of completion. Formulations of diverse competitive strategies are essential to have the so-called advantage over those businesses that are in competition. This includes product differentiation, low cost pricing, high quality products etc.

Here are some tips:
1. Have a healthy mindset about competition
2. Know how your business is currently doing
3. Check the competition - both old and new
4. Build your strenghts
5. Improve on your weakness
6. A price war should be a last resort

As business continue to evolve, innovations and changes are needed in the long run. As regards, phone answering service help meet business goals and increase sales by customizing their service for individual client needs - giving one an additional competitive advantage.


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