Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Mayon Volcano

There are 37 volcanoes in the Philippines, of which 18 are active. Among them, Mount Mayon, with 47 eruptions since 1616, is the most active one. Mont Mayon is located on Luzon Island, 500 km (310 miles) south of Manila, the capital city. From July to October 2006, the 2,462-meter high (8,077-foot) Mayon volcano, which is located in the central Bicol region (Island of Luzon), spewed ash and lava sending about 30,000 people away from homes. In 1993, Mount Mayon's eruption killed 79.

Behind the beauty of the Mayon, is its fearing condition of a near eruption. On December 20th, the alert level around Mount Mayon was raised to number four on the five-point scale used by geologists (level four means an eruption is imminent while level five means an eruption is in progress). Over the past 24 hours, the volcanic activity increased, with 222 volcanic earthquakes reported. On December 20th, the no-go zone was extended and troops were called in to forcibly evacuate if necessary those people living within the 10-kilometer restricted area. Since December 14th, Mount Mayon, Philippines' most active volcano, has spewed ashes, burning mud and rocks, leading the local authorities to order the evacuation of 50,000 people living in the 10-kilometer (6-7 miles) danger zone around the volcano.

Praying for those people near in the said volcano is one we can do for them. Their safety and ample convenience in their evacuation centers are essential for their survival. We can do it for them!


chubskulit said...

I am sick worried about my relatives who live nearby the volcano (Ligao)

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