Wednesday, March 18, 2009



One of the games I really wanted to learn to play is Paintball. I have seen people playing it on television and it looks like very fun to play with. Those who play this game are usually alert and know tricks to survive the battle. Anyway, if you need paint ball guns, Tippmann, Spyder, Smart Parts, Dye, Empire, tippmann alpha, Vforce, Draxxus paintball gear or any accessories, Ultimate Paintball has them for you. Just visit their website for more different products hey carry, plus offers the best prices with free shipping.

Designer Prom Dresses


One of the most awaited moments every Junior and Senior students aside from graduation is the Prom. They get so excited especially when it is time for them to pick prom dresses they've always wanted. Good thing there is Elegant Mart where you can find all kinds of high end formal dresses such as evening dresses, short, elegant, halter and more. You can evens hop by brand, color, style , category and price. Right now, they offer up to75% off the original price, not to mention the free USPS ground shipping. What are you waiting for? Visit their website now and find the perfect evening dresses of your dream for a very low price considering they are quality made and look very elegant.

A Poem about Friendship

Follow Me

Take my hand and follow me
to that place I long to be.
Take my hand and trust my way,
in that place forever stay.
Follow me toward the sand;
we'll run and play, hand in hand.
Take my heart and hold it true;
forever I'll stay close to you.
Seize my words and listen well,
then forever I will tell.
Release your heart and feelings too,
just as I will do for you.
Trust your heart and follow me,
to that place we long to be.

Michelle Newton

Emerge Labs OrganicSkincare.Com

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Would Love to Play with Snow!

I just thought of sharing my Aunt and cousin's (Jacob) photo here taken during the recent snow they've had in Virginia. They said it was the thickest snow Virginia got in years. How I wished I can play with my cousin at the snow. Maybe someday, who knows :-). Am sure some of you recognized them.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Credit Card Comparison


With the country's economic crisis, the last thing you want to deal is paying credit cards with high interests rate. If you own more than one credit cards, you might want to consider looking for the best credit card deals which will help you lower the interest rate as well as paying only one low monthly payment instead of two or more, that is called credit card balance transfer. With the help of, you will find information of the most comprehensive list of credit card offers online. Visit their site now to learn of the credit cards that offer 0% APR balance transfer credit cards as well as 0% introductory APR on top of cash back and rewards programs they offer.

My Family is My Best Friends!


You Are Much Closer to Your Family

You consider your family members to be your some of best friends.

And you can count on them more than anyone else in the world.

You're very similar to your family, and you find it easy to get along with them.

You know that they understand you and love you for who you are.

Journeylite, Way to healthy Life!

Are you tring to lose weight? If so, have you tried fad diet, planned meal and exercise but none of them worked? What about liposuction? Sometimes no matter what you do, there will be something that would prevent you from losing weight. Why not consider lap band surgery? At you will sure lose weight with the help of experienced doctors and staff. To learn more about this just visit their site; or if you live in Jacksonville, Florida, jacksonville lap-band doctor will be there for you every step of the way making sure you get the best service your money can get. Right now they are offering free seminars on MARCH 19, 2009 and April 2, 2009 THURSDAY 6:30 PM with DR. MICHAEL BAPTISTA, Memorial Hospital, 3625 University Blvd., South, Jacksonville FL 32216. Sign up now and learn if lap band surgery is right for you!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Add Fragrance to Your Life


I like colognes and perfumes because it adds up beauty and excitement to your personality. Nature is the primary producer of natural and fascinating fragrances, and these scents bring the spirit of nature’s marvels. In relation to this, I like the smell of nature… more specifically, the fruits. So that, colognes and perfumes that I choose had fruity smell, but note, it is picky to teens like me, to choose gentle or light scents of these fruits when it comes to perfumes or colognes, meaning not that gave strong scent. For me, I also like refreshing scents, like those colognes or perfumes that when you smell it, it helps you feel fresh and cool. The selection of these fragrances must fit your personality and also thinking the people who may smell you. So enjoy adding Scent to your personality.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Dogs have ESP

London, England. Is your dog waiting at the door when you come home - even when it's not your usual time to arrive? Perhaps your dog can "read" your mind. Two British researchers videotaped Kane, a Rhodesian Ridgeback, over a four-month period, while his owner came home at different times. At the end of the study the researchers found that nine times out of ten Kane was looking out the window while his owner was on her way home. Although some scientists doubt this proves dog's psychic abilities, dog owners may feel otherwise. Source: National Geographic World.

So dog owners, watch your dog's moves...its interesting to figure this things out. Me too, I have a dog, and I often notice that my dog usually waits us at the corner street near in our home!

Your Real Property at its Best

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