Saturday, July 25, 2009

Review on Visual Design Characteristics and Usability

Visual design is indeed an important factor on web design. It adds beauty and appreciation to a web site as it enhance its visual appearance. The aesthetic or being artistic of a web design is only one of those characteristics that a web site must possess. On the other hand, usability will greatly adds value to a web site.

The article mentioned Jakob Nielsen, a usability guru that have traditionally expounded that web sites should be usable, not pretty. I agree. I understand his point that it is on the “usability” criteria as seen in his view. Usability factor make a site functional, yes, and it is the “usability” of a site that makes it essential and worthy. For what is a site if it is not useful? But, accordingly, what is a site if it is dull? Unexciting or dead? While, usability is important, the visual design makes the site a “mark”. And this mark will help a site memorable and establish a focal point for where it will be known.

For best results, as the phrase entails… all the essential characteristics that a web site must posses, must be present. Therefore, balance of “form and function” is important. The site must establish and maintain usability in many aspects, and at the same time, the site must also have a good visual design.

Health Tips


1. Eat a variety of foods
2. Base your diet on plenty of foods rich in carbohydrates
3. Enjoy plenty of fruits and vegetables
4. Maintain a healthy body weight and feel good
5. Eat moderate portions - reduce, don't eliminate foods
6. Eat regularly
7. Drink plenty of fluids
8. Get on the move
9. Start now! - and make changes gradually
10. Remember, it is all about balance.

Being healthy is important! It is better to be concern for your health, than realize it after you get sick. Indeed, "prevention is better than cure". =)

Collisions just got Solutions!

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Collision repair shops will take the challenge to fix your collision problems so you don’t have to worry. Collisions just got solutions!

Yucky made Worthy!


Oh... Earthworm Raising Business, this business was the one our professor had chosen for our "Project Feasibility Study". It is very challenging on my group's part to study and prove the viability of this business.

But, as I study this subject, I found many interesting facts about the economic and nutritive value of earthworms. The greatest benefit from earthworms is that they help in conditioning the soil. And... there is a way of culturing earthworms that are edible!

Earthworms are indeed among the lowest life forms, and they get no respect. But, earthworms have gentle and beneficial side.

As we are moving in the depth of this study... may we find more interesting things about this venture as it really help people in earning money in livelihood aspects.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Blogging for profit a very simple way to begin an online career

This is a good business opportunity to everyone! Why?

Make use of your time to a profit gaining activity and at the same time a work that sustain your interest. If internet resource is available to you, why not try to enter the world of blogging?

Blogging is not a waste of time activity, especially if you know how it benefits you. Aside from the fact that blogging help express one’s interest and experiences… or a kind of personal things that serve you as an online journal, blogging for profit is one that’s most interesting.

Bloggers can be paid by advertisements for businesses who want to be advertised online. You can advertise the products or services offered by these businesses. A so-called Affiliate marketing is also in the lists. This is where one can be paid by the commission, as an online advertiser, when a visitor makes a purchase by using your link. By this, you do not just help them to be known by the public, but also you are benefited because you are being paid. This is through a step-by-step process before qualifying to blog for profit. But, this is not a hard process, only a simple way to be qualified is needed.

By blogging you make money online, an investment to yourself. Indeed, a very simple way to begin your online career is by blogging for profit.

Friday, July 3, 2009

I love blogging!

The clear view of what is interesting in life, is what I always think of...

To reason that if I know "this", I must share it!

This is the statement behind my blog you visit it you will read in my heading this sayings of mine... "this blog has its aim of sharing insights, inspirations, knowledge, and facts which pictures life and things behind the world of today. From one's senses, one can learn, and what you learn is absolutely a gain. And that by simply knowing the basics and the simplest, one can BLOG! B-e L-earned, and O-riginate your G-ains!"

I may be a deep person... serious... and always in focus of things I have to be focusing. But what's in the other of me, is my love for knowing essential things I did not already know... a natural characteristic of humans, we seek knowledge.

Why I love blogging? Because it makes me feel happy when I share interesting things to other people... more than to those who I already knew, but on the internet which link more people. I begun when I realize the practicality of blogging, the use of blogging, the benefits of it and its goodness on my part as it serves my outlet to express what I want.

Currently, I am planning to make my other blog sites. In which I will express my nationalism for my country... the other one is about my personal experiences.

Summing up... why I love blogging, is because it is where I found my "interest".